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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Relaxing at Home on May 24th Weekend, Ellen!

Ellen relaxed at home all weekend, even though in Canada it's "May 24th weekend", which is the first weekend that the parks are open for camping. We acknowledge that it's not actually May 24th yet, but the long holiday weekend is always celebrated the weekend before May 24th. I don't know the reason for that. Maybe everyone feels that the sooner they can get out camping in the woods, the better.

John and I were invited by our friends to their home away from home in Bridgeport. We drove out on Thursday and back yesterday because we were invited to spend the night with other friends closer to home last night. Busy weekend! We had a great time in both places and the road trip was fun too!

I had a cold earlier in the week and didn't make anything for Ellen to wear so she had to stay home. Don't worry, she didn't catch my cold! I knit some face cloths for Pretty (store in Toronto) while we drove, so I do have something to show! The face cloths are hand knit with Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton yarn.

More on Bridgeport next post!

View from our friends' deck. Nice hey!

I've been photographing this old house at Bridgeport for a few years.
The above photo was taken in August 2009.

Looks like it may not last much longer so I figured I'd get a
few last shots - just in case!

My friend, Janet.

Morton's Harbour (near Bridgeport)

Neighbour returning from his lobster fishing trip

Me, knitting on the deck.
The sun was warm and the breeze cool.

View from our bedroom window

Moose paparazzi!
We saw this one on the side of the road on the way home.

The friends we stayed with last night let us stay in their
newly renovated guest house.

They even changed the sign over the door for us!

My "travel knitting" - face cloths.

Face cloth close up.

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